Employment Services

Employment Services, REM West Virginia

For individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, employment is vital to independence, empowerment and quality of life. At REM West Virginia, we strive to build innovative programs that help individuals of all abilities acquire the skills they need to live and work in the communities they call home.

We offer a range of pre-vocational services and training programs as well as ongoing support services to help individuals be successful in the jobs of their choice in their communities.

Individuals we support may apply for positions in several areas of supported employment, including:

  • Working at nurseries 
  • Janitorial work
  • Landscaping
  • Other general labor tasks

We carefully match individuals with employers based on their interests and skills and provide full training and job assistance to ensure a successful employment match. Our Job Coaches also provide long-term support at each site to encourage job retention and ensure employees are getting the support they need to be successful and meet performance expectations.